Every month our artists create unique and compelling media that we send to you by email. It's built for creatives with great taste and high expectations.
There are two ways to get creative with us.

Death to Stock Community: Our regular (~weekly) creative caffeine emails 
They're everything we put out and are often a mystery; sometimes it's a downloadable, a creative giveaway, a bit of inspiration + you'll also
receive our monthly photo email.

Photo Packs Emails contain 10 free images for download alongside stories from artists and collaborations. 

"I absolutely loved receiving this email this morning.  Thank you. Thank you also for reaching out to your community with your emails.  They feel personal and from a place that believes in individuality and embracing how we are all different. " -  Cheryl Martin 

"Just wanted to send a quick note to share my gratitude and admiration.
You rock. This rocks. Keep it up. " - Michael Pilsner

"It's the first email I've received from subscribing to anything in a long time that hasn't made me feel dead inside. It's reminded me of the need to stop subscribing so much and keep unsubscribing.  But not from this of course."  -
Siobhann Mansel-Pleydell 

"I’m appreciating these emails. I work with brands, to assist them with their digital communications strategy and implementation.
Needless to say, I get a lot of emails each day. Yours stand out."  - Jonathan Sherwin

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